Nationwide connection

Our nationwide connection will provide you the best tuna in each season. Highest quality Tuna will be shipped to your business.



Bluefin Tuna

Best quality in each season

Bluefin tuna is one of the species that is subject to sustainability concerns. We have several sources, from wild caught to 100% farm-raised tuna.

Boston Wild Bluefin Tuna


Considered the best quality tuna in the world, it is seasonal from August to November.

Farm-raised Bluefin Tuna from Mexico

Farm-Raised Bluefin Tuna from Spain

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Farm-raised bluefin tuna is available for reasonable price and stable shipment year round.  

100% Farm-Raised Bluefin Tuna from Kyushu Japan

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This bluefin tuna is special: It is 3rd generation farm-raised tuna and 100% sustainable. If your customers are concerned about ecology, this is the ideal tuna for your restaurant.

Bigeye and Yellowfin Tuna

Highest quality tuna from nationwide network

Ocean Providence Minneapolis LLC has strong connections with nationwide partners. Just-landed tunas are picked by our partners. Highest quality tuna will be delivered to your restaurant.


Boston Seasonal Tuna

From August to November, it's Boston tuna season. Our partner is selecting the best tuna from the Boston fish pier.