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Toyosu Fish Market

December 2022

BURI – Japanese Yellowtail (Wild)

The season for delicious Buri has arrived. Maturing well in the cold currents, the fat content in this fish is exquisite. It can be delicious as sushi, sashimi, salt broiled, or even as shabu-shabu. 


This is also the taste of the season. Its exquisite taste can be found in its creamy and melt-in-your-mouth texture. In recent years, it has been popular as a pickled dish or made as tempura for appetizer. We will be waiting for your order.

SAYORI - Halfbeak

The overall quality of this year’s halfbeak has been very good from the beginning of the arrival season. If you desire a larger size, when ordering, please make sure to say “Kannuki”.  

SAWARA - Spanish Macherel

This season’s Spanish mackerel’s fat content is on another level. With its large mass, the meat has great texture to it and the look is spectacular. This fish has excellent compatibility with any cooking method.

MA SABA – Mackerel

The season for fatty natural mackerel is now here. We recommend you enjoy it as an accompaniment to an alcoholic drink, or even as nigiri or pressed sushi. 

KAWAHAGI - Filefish

High quality leatherfish continue to arrive. Our deliveries will include leatherfish that have matured with large livers. Its large liver can be used well to make a liver soy sauce, which paired with sashimi or nigiri sushi will be on another level of deliciousness.

WAKASAGI – Japanese smelt

The taste of winter, Japanese smelt. Would you like to try it broiled, as tempura, an appetizer, or even as a single dish for a kaiseki cuisine? 

TARA – COD (Male)

Winter delicacy, madara. The light and smooth taste of the white meat works very well with hot pot dishes. The milt that males have is also extremely delicious.

ITOYORI – Threadfin-bream

By using its vivid and beautiful skin, this fish is perfect to add a pop of color to your cooking. Since this pairs well with poêlé made with oil, wine steaming, or even soup stock made from boiling fish in seawater, we recommend it for Western-style restaurants or even hotels. 

SUZUKI – Japanese Seabass

Although famously known as a summer fish, the winter Japanese seabass from the Tokai region is also excellent. The meat is fatty and filled with flavor and has a plump touch that we recommend for sashimi, sushi, or even broiling. We would love for you to try this fresh fish directly from the production area. 

KURODAI – Black Porgy

With its great texture and umami-filled meat, the Black Porgy can be cooked in various different ways, such as sashimi or carpaccio.   


During this season, the meat has a good amount of fat content, and you can fully enjoy the sweetness that comes from the fat. This fish is delicious not only as sashimi, but also seared and made into sushi.

SUMI-IKA – Cuttlefish

The cuttlefish directly from Chita Toyohama, Aichi Prefecture, is known for their freshness and thick cuts of meat, along with its firm touch and umami flavor. With the ink also rich in flavor, it is popular among locals at Italian restaurants. We highly recommend that you try it at least once.  

SEIKOGANI - Queen crab

The female queen crab can also be called the “koubako crab”. Although the crab itself is small, you will be able to enjoy the rich flavors that come from the eggs it carries. How would you like to include it in this year’s menu as an appetizer dish? 

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