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Toyosu Fish Market

November 2022

BURI – Japanese Yellowtail (Wild)

The cold seawater during the winter makes this fish rich in fat and gives a sweet taste and great texture. Please enjoy it as sashimi, sushi, or burishabu.

OBAKO SAWARA - Spanish Mackerel

This fish is recommended with confidence by fisherman. Only ones that have been selected for their fat and firmness are given the name “Obako”. This fish is imported when they are freshly caught. This fish is only available during this season! Please give it a try.


Bonito caught in the spring are “harugatuo” and those caught in the fall are “modorigatsuo”. In the fall, the returning modorigatsuo are rich in fat and has more flavor. This fish is delicious as sashimi or tataki with condiments.

KANPACHI - Amberjack

The best season is from mid-November through February. During this time of the year, the meat has strong flavor and is very sweet when you bite into it. Please use it for sushi.


This fish is delicious before the spawning season, as they have just the right amount of fat. This delicious fatty white meat is delicious when eaten as sashimi or sushi. The eggs and head of flounder are very tasty when boiled. Please give it a try at this time of the year.

SAMEKAREI - Rough scale sole

The fat of this fish is sweet and very tasty. As the name suggests, is has rough skin like shark and sticky mucus on the surface. This is a delicious fish that you would not guess form its appearance.

MATUKAWAKAREI - Barfin flounder

Fresh matsukawakarei is in the market. At this time of the year, this fish is a real bargain with delicious meat and edges. The beautiful white meat looks great on a plate and is enjoyable for both the taste and the looks.

AKAYAGARA – Red Cornetfish

The season for delicious akayagara has begun. When served as sashimi, it looks beautiful and there is just the right amount of fat. It is also delicious when cooked in hot pot, as delicious broth is extracted from the skin and bones.

KAWAHAGI - Filefish

Farm-raised are mostly in stock. As it gets colder, the liver grows larger which makes it very tasty for soy sauce and boiled fish. The beautiful white flesh becomes more flavorful as you bite.


Hon shishamo is Hokkaido’s taste. The price is high because the catch is kept low to main the population, but it is understandable for its taste. Its unique flavor is perfect as sashimi or grilled.

SAYORI - Halfbeak

Sayori have started to arrive in the market. The number is still small, but it will become more stable soon. This blue fish is enjoyable for its beautiful look and its taste.

ISHIDAI - Striped beakfish

This fish is just as flavorful as sea bream. Sweet fat is contained between the meat and skin. You can enjoy not only the taste of fat, but also the original taste of the fish.

WAKASAGI - Japanese smelt

Quality and availability of wakasagi will improve from now. The bones are soft and when cooked as tempura, it can be eaten from the head. The taste of the tender meat is extraordinary.

KUE - Longtooth grouper

This fish is one of the representatives of high-class winter fish. The white meat is suitable for stew or fried dishes. When heated, the skin becomes gelatinous which gives the fish a unique texture.

KINKI – Kichiji Rockfish

This fish is characterized by its bright red color. It is fibrous and easy to separate from the body. It is very fatty from the skin to the fat which makes it perfect for boiled dishes.


Cod milt in good color and condition has arrived in the market.

It has no distinct flavors, but is creamy and can be enjoyed as gunkan maki (warship) sushi roll or soup.

SUMIIKA - Cuttlefish

The meat of well-grown sumiika becomes thicker and the sweetness and flavor become very strong. It is also full of nutrition and is recommended for maintaining good health.

AORIIKA - Bigfin reef squid

Aori ika are starting to arrive in market. It is still small but has a lot of flavor and the flavor becomes deeper as you bite.

SEIKOGANI - Queen crab

Seikogani will be in season from November. Seikogani are female matsuba crab. It is characterized by eggs outside the shell with a nice texture and eggs inside the shell with a rich, delicious flavor. It is only available for 2 months so please give it a try. We accept orders in units of one piece.

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