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Toyosu Fish Market

October 2022

BURI – Japanese Yellowtail (Wild)

The shipment of this fish nationwide signals the arrival of fall. It is unique for its elegant fatty meat that is less fatty than winter season yellowtail and its meat is firm.

SAWARA – Spanish mackerel

Early autumn is the best season for Japanese Spanish mackerel. “Ike jime” (a Japanese fish preparation method) is done on the boat which keeps the fish fresh. Its meat contains a good amount of fat. It is delicious as sashimi or roasted.

KAWAHAGI - Filefish

The liver of this fish is packed, so you can enjoy the flavor of the liver.

SANMA – Pacific saury

This is a representative of autumn fish.
Pacific saury at this time of the year is very fatty and tasty. It is recommended as sashimi, sushi, or grilled.

AMADAI – Japanese tilefish

The skin of this fish has a delicious flavor and it has a sweet aroma when roasted.

It is delicious cooked as it is, but the taste will be even better when it is lightly salted as excess water will be removed.

MEHIKARI – Bigeyed greeneye

Fat is packed in its small meat.

It is usually fried, but try sashimi if it is fresh. The meat melts in your mouth and it is delicious

KOMOCHI AYU – Sweetfish with roe

In early autumn, ayu has eggs in its belly and a unique texture can be enjoyed when grilled. The aroma is enhanced which makes it different from summer ayu.

AKAYAGARA – Red Cornetfish

The skin and bones are a great for broth. It is a fish for making stew or soup.

They have elegant sweet flavor and is delicious.

TENNEN MADAI – Red seabream (Wild)

This fish is caught all year, but it is said to be at its best during this season when its white meat has a strong flavor.

JIKINMEDAI – Splendid alfonsino

During autumn and winter, the fat content is good and the texture is even better. Its white meat goes well with not only sushi and sashimi, but also with other cooking methods.

AKISAKE – Autumn Salmon

Salmon during this time of the year when autumn is in full swing has a better balance of meat and fat compared to salmon in the summer, and has a unique aroma.

Males have milt and females have roe, which are both delicious. It is suitable for grilling and soup. 

IWASHI – Sardine

Sardine during this time of the year has more fat in the skin which makes it tastier. It can be cooked in many different ways and is very tasty.

WATARIGANI – Gazami Crab

Gazami crabs of this season have a lot of brown meat which gives them a good flavor.

HIRASUZUKI – Blackfin seabass

The white meat of this fish is light and tasty and the texture is firm. During this season, it is rich in fat and the flavor becomes stronger.

It is delicious as sashimi, but it can also be grilled (with salt, Yuan sauce (a mixture of soy sauce, sake, mirin, and citrus fruit), etc.), boiled, or used in acqua pazza.

HAKKAKU – Sailfin

The white meat of this fish is beautiful. It is fatty, sweet, and tasty, which cannot be expected from its appearance.


In this season, bonito migrate to south to lay eggs so it has more fat than those in the spring and early summer, giving it a rich texture and sweet taste. It is the perfect ingredient for sushi. Highly recommended.

HAGATSUO – Skipjack

This is the best season for striped bonito. It is delicious with a good amount of fat. It is delivered in a fresh condition.

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