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Toyosu Fish Market

April 2021

MADAI - Wild Red Seabream

Caught all year around but this time around is at its best condition.

SAKURAMASU – Cherry Salmon

Stable quality ones are arriving from Nemuro, Hakodate, Aomori and other places. The light pink color flesh has lot of oil and tasty! Guts are removed to keep the freshness. 

CHIAYU – Baby Sweetfish

It is going into full season now. Bones are soft and can be eaten whole, so whole fried is very exquisite to try.

SAWARA - Spanish Mackerel

Sawara is written as Spring's Fish in Japanese. As the name suggests, they are very fatty this Spring season.

KASTUO - First Bonito

It is a fish that will let you know the arrival of spring.

The meat is refreshing, the color is deep red and very beautiful. Please try Katsuo no tataki with this.

AINAME - Greenling

It has lot of fat in its white flesh. It is very good for sashimi, grilled, and boiled dishes.

SOGE - Wild Young Flounder

It is a small flounder about 35 cm in length. Pretty white flesh is perfect for sashimi and sushi.

SUZUKI - Wild Japanese Seaperch

Will be entering the season at this time. Although it is not high season yet, but good ones are already coming in.

MAKOKAREI - Marbled Sole

It is still unstable for ordering, but please still try it.

AMADAI - Tilefish

The more you chew the more sweetness comes out, and it is very exquisite. It fits various recipes.

KAMASU - Japanese Barracuda

This time around will be the last time for kamasu. It still have some oil in the flesh. It is delicious both raw and grilled.

HAMO - Pike Conger Eel

Hamo season has started. It is going to be a steady seasonal item along with anago.

SABA - Mackerel

The quality is now stable, and it is very fat now. It is the best for raw eating.

HOKKAI TAKO ASHI - Hokkai Octopus Legs

Big and thick octopus leg have a good texture and taste.

TAI SHIRAKO - Seabream Milt

It will come into the spawning stage as soon as possible. Fresh 500g/pk.

HOTARUIKA - Raw Firefly Squid

It is a young firefly squid. Just like the boiled, it has price fluctuation. Recently used in French and Italian dishes as well.

HOTARUIKA – Boiled Firefly Squid

The firefly Squid is getting bigger. The price is stabilizing, it is worth trying it.

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