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Toyosu Fish Market

August 2021

SHINKO - Gizzard Shad

This is the season for young gizzard shad. The price is currently high, but it will gradually drop within the season. We look forward to receiving your order and offer you the best.

SAMEGAWAKAREI - Roughscale Sole

The guts are removed before shipping to keep the fish in excellent condition. It is very fatty with delicious fins. We highly recommend it to our customers because of its low price and quality.

MATSUKAWAGAREI - Barfin Flounder

This fish has great texture and flavor. Its fin and liver are also delicious. It's perfect for sushi.

TACHIUO - Beltfish

Swordfish tend to have the most fat during this particular season of the year. It is perfect for grilling and sushi.

OKOZE - Devil Stinger

Literarily, this fish represents the summer. It has a great texture and refreshing appearance when sliced thinly, it turns into a perfect ingredient for the summer experience. It is also a very good match with citrus spices.

HANASAKIGANI - Boild Hanasaki Crab

Hanasaki crab season began at the beginning of July. When we get the order, we boil the crab for you directly from our supplier. Boiled Hanasaki crab is packed with amazing and delicious flavor. Please give it a try.

SHIN-IKA - Baby Cuttlefish

This is the season for Shin-Ika. It is still very small, but the full-scale shipment will begin after the "Obon" holiday in the middle of August. 

SUZUKI - Japanese Sea Bass

This is the season for sea bass. This fish is known for its translucent white flesh. The texture is good, and it is uniquely delicious in its bare flesh. 

AODAI - Blue Fusilier

This fish has a very delicious white flesh. There is umami between the flesh and skin, so a dish that makes use of the skin is suitable for anybody. One can make delicious miso soup because the bony parts of the fish serve as a delicious ingredient for the soup. 

UMEIRO - Yellowtail Blue Snapper

This fish is unique for its plum-colored caudal tail. The flesh contains a good amount of fat and a rich umami flavor.

ENSUI UNI - Salt Water Sea Urchin

The quality and shipping status is stable. Ensui Uni does not contain alum, and this allows you to enjoy its freshness.

MANAGATSUO - Silver Pompano

This is the peak season for harvesting this fish. It has the right amount of texture and fat. It is highly recommended for sushi or sashimi. 

KOSHI - Bartail Flathead

This is a white-flesh fish that represents summer. It has a good texture and slight sweetness. It is a good match with citrus sudachi or lemon.

KUROMUTSU - Japanese Bluefish

It is called "mutsu" because it has a good amount of fat just like "Rosy Sea Bass (akamutsu)." This is a very delicious white-flesh fish that has a lot of fat. This fish is best simmered and can be enjoyed as sushi or sashimi.

KATSU SHOKKO - Young Amberjack

The young greater amberjack is a fair match to the natural adult amberjack for its flavor and umami. In addition, it is well chilled to keep the fish in good quality before it is packed and boxed in Kyushu. Therefore, the young greater amberjack is more popular than the adult amberjack during the summertime.

KASAGO - Marbled

This fish is distinct for its big mouth. Its white flesh is elegant and has a good texture.

This fish is simmered because its' bones contain umami. It is also delicious when it is thinly cut as sashimi. 

FUEFUKIDAI - Emperor Fish

This fish has a unique sharp mouth. Its flesh is sparkling white. Its bones contain a good flavor, making it a perfect ingredient for good soup.

SHIRO-IKA - Swordtip Squid

Shiroika has a soft, fluffy, and sticky texture. They have a very strong sweetness and are tasteful. 

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