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Toyosu Fish Market

February 2021

KINKI – Broadbanded Thornyhead

Brought straight from Hokkaido, this fish is good for sushi and sashimi. While the western side brings blackthroathed seaperch, the eastern side is home to broadbanded thornhead! For this year, let’s make KINKI popular in America! We can also prepare a small 230g serving as well. Great for grilling and stewing.


Bluefish is a great fish with lots of fat. The larger the size, the fattier they become. Since they have smooth flesh, the flesh tends to tear if not handled gently. It has a slight red color from the chiai.

AKAMUTSU – Blackthroat

Due to the fatty meat, this season's blackthroat is not only great for sushi/sashimi but grilling as well. It is said by the locals that the peeled scales and black underbelly is a sign of high fat content.

HOUBOU – Sea Robin

The well-known Sea Robin is not eaten much in the States but in Japan this white-fleshed fish is considered a delicacy. Large ones are good for sashimi and there are many ways to prepare this fish. They are in season now.

SUZUKI - Japanese Seabass

Japanese Seabass is an Aichi local market directed item! Very fresh and the quality is always excellent. They are great for sushi and sashimi as well as salt grilling. They are an excellent fish for this season.

TACHIUO - Beltfish

Named after the long and slim silver body, beltfish has a high nutritional value and helps to smooth the blood, reduce bad cholesterol and neutral fat in the bloodstream and increase good cholesterol, and combat arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction, and hypertension.

SAMEGAREI – Roughscale Sole

Covered with rough, shark-like skin, this fish is covered in slimy liquid. It may be ugly, but the flesh is delicious. If fresh enough, it can be eaten as sashimi. It has oil which makes it good for stewed dishes. The phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover” fits perfectly with this fish.

SAYORI – Half beak

SAYORI season has started, and the quality is stabilized. It is the off season for sardines, so consider this as an alternative. The well balanced, firm, and fatty flesh is delicious.

KURODAI– Black Seabream

The Black Seabream is an Aichi directed item. The winter season has prepared the body and as such, the fish is packed with fat and has tight flesh that makes it great for sashimi and sushi. They have similar flesh to Readbream, which is also great for Italian dishes.

ISHIDAI – Rock Bream

Every fishers’ dream catch in Japan, Rock Bream, gets very fatty in the winter season. It becomes an unforgettable moment once you taste it.

HAKKAKU - Sailfin Poacher

This fish is used in many Hokkaido sushi restaurants. Despite being a white fleshed fish, it has fat. Once eaten, your mouth is filled with umami and sweet fat. Large ones may be costly but, if you want more affordable option, order a 500g sample.

NISHIN – Herring

Very fresh herring that is brought directly from the source. Herring has lots of fat thanks to the cold season. It has many uses in dishes such as sashimi, vinegar dips, grilled, or stewed. It reasonable priced.

AKAYAGARA – Smooth Flutemouth

We are getting beautiful and large YAGARA this time of season. They are also meaty which is great for grill and pot dishes.

SAKURAMASU - Cherry Salmon

This is Salmon that can tell that spring is coming. The fish have left the sea and is returning to the same river in which it was born. During the spring, Sakura is blossoming; the flesh color is also becoming more pink, which is why it is called SAKURAMASU. To keep the freshness,  when the fish guts are removed at the source, before being shipped. 

YARI-IKA – Spear Squid

Fishing is done in a cold and harsh environment. In this season, they have increased sweetness and are characterized by their soft and delectable texture. In addition, a small squid captured in the early spring has a very enjoyable, elasticity bite.

AORI-IKA – Bigfin Reel

The king of squid, Bigfin Reels are known more in the summer season, but in some parts of Japan, the cold season brings delicious squids to the market. The sweet, thick flesh is good for sushi tempura and it’s a very almighty ingredient to use.


The first batch of the season. They are small but packed with flavorful guts. Hyogo is best as a main for now but, later in the season, they will be great once they come in from Toyama.

SUMI-IKA – Cuttlefish

We are primarily directing our Cuttlefish straight from the local Aichi market. Cuttlefish are live even after they are brought to Toyosu Market, ensuring maximum freshness. This season, cuttlefish are large and have good meat. The umami is packed which is great for sushi and sashimi.

NORESORE – Baby Conger Eel

Only available in this season, so please enjoy this limited item. The clear transparent body is a great accent to many dishes.

SHIRAUO – Icefish

SHIRAOU season has started. They have a crunchy skin which is irresistible. Great for gunkan sushi and kobachi.

ENSUI UNI – Sea Urchins Roe

Because this UNI does not use alum (natural hardener), it has a natural taste. Thanks to the improved packaging, it is now easy use as well.

UNI– Sea Urchins Roe

The quality has stabilized this winter season. We will bring different quality UNI according to your order.

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