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Toyosu Fish Market

January 2021

BURI – Yellowtail 

It has been a delicious season for winter Buri. In the cold current, its flesh has become luscious. It's great for sashimi, sushi, shabu-shabu.

UNI - Sea Urchins

The season of Sea Urchin has opened in the Kuril Islands. We will pick the best grade to meet the expectations of each customer.

HIRAME - Fluke (Wild)

The Hirame is very fatty because it is the spawning season. The more you chew, the more the flavor comes out. The fin side has fat as well – and also sweetness. It's perfect for sushi.

ISHIDAI - Rock Porgy 

This name, Ishidai, comes from this fish's strong jaw, which can break a rock. Its white flesh is very fatty like Madai and reveals the delicacy of the fish itself.

KAWAHAGI - Farmed Filefish

During this season, the liver gets larger and has a beautiful white color. Both wild and farmed Kawahagi are currently available.

WAKASAGI - Japanese Smelt

The winter season's Wakasagi has a good aftertaste and can be eaten whole. It's superb for grilling, tempura, and honey stewing. 

KINKI - Broadbanded Thornyhead

This is the season when Akamatsu becomes expensive, which means that Kinki is a first-rate substitute. It's very fatty and tasty fish. Although it is usually grilled, lightly grazing the skin for sashimi is also nice.

KURODAI - Black Sea Bream

Kurodai's taste does not fall behind of Sea Bream's. Its wonderful texture and the umami is fabulous for many menus like carpaccio, sashimi, and steaming along with rice.

SUZUKI - Japanese Seabass

This clear white flesh is always perfect for sushi. The meat has a great texture and a hint of fat that makes it very tasty. We have started supplying Suzuki from the Aichi Market. 

MASABA - Mackerel

Winter is a season when Mackerel tastes delicious. The firm meat is packed with fat. And it is quite tasty this season.

AKAYAGARA - Red Cornetfish

Very good Akayagara is being brought to the Toyosu Fish Market. This fish is excellent for sashimi but also for pot dishes since it makes a great broth.

MEDAI - Japanese Butterfish

Large Medai is constantly arriving in the Toyosu Fish Market. The beautiful white flesh has a clean taste, which suits any style of dish.

SAWARA - Spanish Mackerel

This season's Sawara has a very good fat content. They are large, and the meat quality is very excellent. It's delectable eaten anyway.

SAYORI - Halfbeak

Halfbeak quality is gradually improving. The body is firm and large fish are available now. Sayori has a superb fishy taste.

KUROMUTSU- Bluefish 

This season's Bluefish has plenty of fat, and its sweetness can be tasted as well.It's good for sashimi and  also for grazing for superb sushi.

AMADAI - Tilefish

Due to its sweet umami flavor, this fish is called Amadai ("Amai" means sweet). As the name indicates, when Amadai is eaten, the sweet umami flavor spreads inside the mouth and is exquisite. It is highly recommended grilled, and for soup and konbujime.

MATSUKAWAKAREI - Barfin Flounder

The thick body of Matsukawakarei is very fatty. The fin sides have a lot of fat content and are very tasty. The liver has a hint of sweetness and is very good with sashimi.

SHIRAUO - Icefish

The Shirauo's supply has become stable, and they are large as well. The texture is surprisingly delicious. 


The Tarashirako's redness has disappeared and became a creamy white color. The creamy smooth texture is exquisite. This is the taste of the season.

SUMI IKA - Cuttlefish

We have a direct supply of Sumi Ika from the Aichi Market now. The full body has sweetness and is ideal for sushi.

AORI IKA - Bigfin Reef Squid

It is said that Aori Ika has the most umami flavor of all squids. It is very flavorful, and it makes delicious sushi. The size has gotten larger as well. 

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