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Toyosu Fish Market

January 2022

BURI – Yellowtail (Wild)

The season for delicious Buri has arrived. Maturing well in the cold currents, the fat content in this fish is exquisite. It is delicious when prepared as sushi, sashimi, salt broiled, or shabu-shabu. 

UNI – Sea Urchins 

The ban on fishing sea urchins will be lifted in the four northern islands in the coming new year, 2022. The urchins will be prepared in three different grades: high quality, good quality, and regular. We will be waiting for your order.

HIRAME - Fluke (Wild)

With each bite of the flesh of a well-prepared Hirame that holds fat used for spawning allows its rich flavor to burst into your mouth. The edges of the fin also contain fat, and it is perfect in making sushi. We recommend that you try it.

ISHIDAI - Rock Porgy

The Rock Porgy got their name from their strong teeth that can chew and break down rocks.

The fat content is similar in body composite to sea bream, and you will be able to enjoy the deliciousness and yummy taste of the white flesh. You can also use it for sushi and a wide variety of cooking methods such as sashimi or meunier.

KAWAHAGI – Filefish (Farmed)

During this season, the body and liver of the Filefish become bigger. The flesh contains sweet fat that elevates the delicious taste.  It tastes delicious with liver soy sauce.

WAKASAGI – Japanese Smelt

The taste of winter, Japanese smelt. Easy to eat, even the bones, we recommend you try this broiled, as tempura, or as simmered fish in sweetened sauce. Also, this fish is good for your health, hence, we highly recommend it.

KINKI – Broadbandedthornyhead

Currently, with the prices of Blackthroat seaperches soaring around this time, one can consider using the Broadbandedthornyhead instead. Although it is famous when simmered, for fresh, we recommend trying it as sashimi and searing the skin.

KURODAI – Black Seabream

Although we stock Seabream all year round, it is often said that the best season is between fall and spring. The flesh has great texture and rich flavors and can be cooked and enjoyed as Kawashimozukuri, sashimi, carpaccio, or seasoned rice.

SUZUKI – Japanese Seabass

We have started stocking direct produce from Aichi Prefecture. The freshness is outstanding!

The look of this fish is beautiful with its translucent white flesh that is attached to a good amount of red flesh. Accompanied by its firm texture and good fat content, it is extremely tasty. This easy-to-eat fish can work well with any cooking technique.

MASABA – Mackerel

As the winter cold gets harsh this coming season, it is also the season for the most delicious Mackerel. Its entire body has good fat content, and the flesh shines beautifully along with the color. It’s a tasty fish and we recommend you try it out!

AKAYAGARA – Red cornetfish

Recently, splendid Red cornetfish have been arriving at the market. It is suitable as an ingredient for hot pot. Also, you can make extremely delicious dashi using this fish.

MEDAI – Japanese Butterfish

You might have noticed that this fish has a large body and yields well. The beautiful white flesh is easy to eat and works well for any dish, and this fish is very easy to use.

SAWARA – Spanish Mackerel

This season’s Spanish mackerel have large bodies with a different level of fat content. This fish can be cooked as sashimi and a wide variety of cooking methods such as the famous Saikyo-yaki or carpaccio.

SAYORI – Halfbeak

We have a great stock of Halfbeak that are strong and plump in texture, as well as those that are larger in size. Its beautiful transparent white flesh has a clean taste, however, you can enjoy the strong and delicious flavor of the fish.


This fish contains good fat content in which you can enjoy the deliciousness of the white flesh along with the sweetness of the fat. We recommend you try this not only as sashimi, but also as broiled or boiled.

AMADAI – Tilefish

The origin of the Tilefish’s name (amadai in Japanese) comes from the sweetness of the white flesh (amai means sweet in Japanese). Once you bite into it, the sweetness and umami will burst into your mouth. We recommend it broiled, in soup, or wrapped in konbu.

MATSUKAWAKAREI – Barfin Flounder

The white flesh has strong fat content, and the edges of the fin are also delicious. The liver is extremely delicious and is exquisite when prepared as sashimi.

SHIRAUO – Icefish

The stock status of Icefish is becoming stable. The relative sizing of each fish is also on the bigger size. You cannot get enough of the popping texture. We recommend that you try it.


The reddish part of the Cod Milt is gone and is now pure white. The creamy and melt-in-your-mouth texture is exquisite. Since this taste is only available at this time of the year, place your order before it is gone.

SUMI-IKA – Cuttlefish

Currently, the direct product from Aichi Prefecture is here! The thick flesh has a strong sweetness that makes it delicious. This can be perfectly used for sushi.

AORIIKA – Bigfin reef squid

Among the squid species, the Bigfin reef squid is known to have the most amount of umami flavor packed into its flesh. The flavor that bursts into your mouth when you eat this squid as sushi is on another level. The size is also getting bigger this season. It is worth trying it.

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