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Toyosu Fish Market

July 2021

HANTEN-AYA - Sweetfish

The breeding season of this fish is from June to August. The juveniles (ayu) are caught in July; their bones are and delicious. It all depends on one's taste, however, it is obvious a lot of individuals prefer ayu with eggs.

SUZUKI - Japanese Seabass

The name is derived from the word, `Susugu` which means to rinse clean. One of the main features of Suzuki is that it has clear white flesh. The body of this fish is not only pale but greasy and delicious.

MATSUKAWAGAREI - Barfin Flounder

Matsukawa is a high-class fish on par with flounder, some people claim it is better. It is great for sushi, sashimi, carpaccio, etc. It is the best fish for Japanese and Western dishes. The head and mid-bones are also great for making ara-juice.

SHINKO - Gizzard Shad

The season for Gizzard Shad is here. It takes time and skill to perfect this recipe, however, it is a dish that showcases the skill of a chef. Every Chef must learn to satisfy their customer(s), using the best out of their skills.

GOMA SABA - Blue Mackerel

Goma Saba is a constant item in the market. It is great for shime Saba, Goma-dare sauce, and more!

IWASHI - Japanese Sardine

Hokkaido sardines have started showing up this season. At this time of the season, Ooaba sardines are very fatty and they are perfect for making sushi and sashimi.

CHIKAME-KINTOKI - Longfinned Bulleye

Chikame-Kintoki is a high-end fish that is caught in the waters near Japan. This fish has a large googly eye and a glass-like-red scale that covers the body.

ISAKI - Chicken Grunt

Isaki is most delicious during the late spring and summer season. This season's isaki is called TsuyuIsaki and can be used as sushi. Alternatively, baking adds extra sweetness to the flesh.

KASAGO - Marbled Rockfish

The taste is great, despite the look. The constrict white flesh is refined and tastes delicious. This fish is great for sashimi, simmered, fried, and especially, miso soup.

AJI - Horse Mackerel (Donchicchi Brand)

Protected from the rough wave of the Japanese Sea, the Hamada Bay's special brand- Donchichi mackerel is here. The size is about 150 grams, however, they are very fatty.

SHINSHU - Salmon

This fish is from Nagano prefecture where rainbow trout and brown trout are crossed. Its beautiful crimson flesh is like that of salmon. It does not breed, hence the nutrition required for reproduction is not needed. Shinshu stays delicious throughout the year.

KATSUO - Bonito

Katsuura of Chiba has a brand called, "Mochi Gatsuo." From Shizuoka Yaizu, this fish is caught by Maeda-san, who is the owner of a popular fish vendor called, "Sasuemaeda."

KOSHI - Bartail Flathead

This fish represents summer fish. The tight-transparent white body has a refreshing and elegant taste. It is very delicious.

OKOZE - Devil Stinger

Okoze season starts from late spring to summer. "Okoze Dishes" such as Ikizukuri, deep-fried, and grilled dishes remain the best.

HANASAKIGANI - Hanasaki Crab

Hanasaki crab breeding season starts in July. We usually order it directly from the source after receiving the order from customers. Everybody needs to experience the condensed crab flavor of a Hanasaki crab.

MADAKO - Octopus

The season for Kagoshima octopus is from June to August. They are brought as ikijime, however, it is also possible to salt scrub them. You can send us your order and they will be handled professionally.

SHIRO-IKA - Swordtip Squid

Shiroika has a soft, fluffy, and sticky texture. They have a very strong sweetness which is delightful.

AORI-IKA - Big Fin Reef Squid

This squid (Aori-ika) is currently in season. It is thick, sweet, and perfect for sushi. It is served 1-2kg in size.

MONGO-IKA - Ocellated Cuttlefish

The Mango-ika possesses a soft, sweet, and tender texture. It is affordable compared to other squids.

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