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Toyosu Fish Market

June 2021

HAMO (Ikejime) - Pike Conger

The season of pike conger is here again, please add it to your menu with the usual conger eel. The name, "Hamo" came from the biting habit of this eel. "Ha" implies teeth. We also have the option of having the bones exposed and processed.

KOCHI - Flathead

The flat head is what makes this fish unique. The flesh has a nice texture, which makes it perfect for sushi and sashimi.

UNI WHITE JYO (Sato Brand) White Sea Urchin (Premium)

The season for Murasaki uni has started. "Satou Ajino Yoshi" uni is available as well. Tokujyou is ultimately recommended.

MATSUKAWAGAREI - Barfin Flounder

For this fish, the skin of the male is yellow while that of the female is white. Usually, the female is larger. If you want an easy-use, then the male is preferred.

KANPACHI - Amberjack (Wild)

The facial view of this fish looks like number eight (8) (八-Hachi). This is where the name; "Kanpachi” originates from.

HIRAMASA - Yellow tail Amberjack

This fish is coming in large quantities from the west. We can prepare ikijime and morning ikijime as well.

ISAKI - Grunt Fish

This season's grunt is very fatty and delicious. Under the skin to the flesh of this fish is fatty. This makes the taste superb!

SAGOSHI - Young Spanish Mackerel

The “Washoku” represents Japan's fish. They have a clean aftertaste with a slight sweetness and can be used in various menus. We recommend lined Spanish mackerel, they are very fatty and delicious.

AODAI - Blue Fusilier

This fish has clean transparent flesh and it is perfect for making sashimi, or sushi, and sauté.

AINAME - Fat Greenling (Extra Fat)

This fish is packed with delicious flesh. We usually obtain ikijime in boxes at a low cost.

UNAGI - Eel (Wild)

The Japanese have continued to love this fish for centuries. The flesh is fatty and this makes it perfect for the usual Kabayaki.

AJI - Horse Mackerel (Donchicchi Brand)

We caught MekkaAji from the Japan sea using our net. This fish is fatty and fresh.

TOBIUO - Flying Fish

They are known to fly more than 600 feet above water level. The clean after taste flesh is suitable for sushi and Namerou.

SHAKO - Mantis Crab

They look like shrimp, sharing structure. They are sold after they have been boiled. They have a deep umami flavor, which is perfect for sushi. We have 16 pc and 25 pc packs. Please choose your preferred size when ordering.

MOZUKU - Seaweed (Fat String-type)

Currently, we have the Mozuku seaweed. The thin and thick Mozuku is available. This fish has great taste.

KURO AWABI - Japanese Abalone

We have various kinds of abalones. The wild black, Australia, and farm abalone as well. Please order for your needs.

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