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Toyosu Fish Market

March 2021

HOTARUIKA – Boiled Firefly Squid

Hotaruika from Toyama is more expensive, and they can be replaced by the ones from Hyogo.  But in  the case you prefer ones from Toyama, please mention in your order "Toyama."

SAKURAMASU – Cherry Salmon

Cherry Salmon is currently stable. Nemuro, Hakodate, Aomori, and others bring excellent quality ones as well. Inside these is the Ita-masu, which has a very high-fat mass. If you do not mind the price, choose Ita-Asu for those who want to try the rich taste.

CHIAYU – Baby Sweetfish

Sweetfish season is gradually starting as the Spring season approaches. They will be available until May.

AYU – Sweetfish

There will be a slow start at the beginning of March, and they stabilize as the month progresses. It has been warm recently, so there is a chance they will appear soon.

MENUKE – Rockfish

The season is starting now! Very fatty and tasty are coming. 

Consider ordering it along with great Alfonsino; they go well together.

SHIRAUO – Icefish

Shinjiko Bay's Shirauo is arriving into the market now. This fish offers generous portions.


Farmed Greenling has started; we highly recommend trying this ikijime's fish of the season. When ordering ahead of time, we can ship it directly from the local market.

HIRAMASA– Wild Amberjack

"Yellowtail Big Three" includes Buri (Yellowtail), Kanpachi (Amberjack), and Hiramasa (Kingfish). Among these three, Hiramasa has the least amount of fat, making it a clean taste. Hiramasa has a distinctive flavor, firm meat, and good umami that make it perfect for sashimi.

HOTARUIKA– Raw Firefly Squid

Currently, it has some price fluctuation, but the price should stabilize around mid-March. Hotaruika is begging to be used by French and Italian restaurants. It goes well with pasta dishes. Worth trying.


Commonly mistaken with whitebait, ice goby is balloon-air packed fresh. It's the symbol of Spring. Although there are few in the market, the price should stabilize during the Spring season.

HOUBOU- Bluefin Sea Robin

Currently, we carry Sea Robin Ikejime style. The fish with 1kg size contains lots of meat. We recommend it for the main dish until the Spring season.

MEKABU – Seaweed Root

Intense green, fragrance, and shipped fresh with great umami taste. It goes well with ponzu.

SUMIIKA - Cuttlefish

The time for Cuttlefish is here. During this season, the flesh is thick and sweet. The Cuttlefish's ink has an anti-cancer effect, very good for Ika-Sumi pasta and other similar dishes.

MADAI - Wild Red Seabream

We are currently getting it direct from the local market. It is treated ikejime style.  Spring Madai is also called Sakuradai (Cherry Sea Bream).

ISHIDAI – Barred Knifejaw

Season most recommended white flesh fish. The fish with over 1kg is very fatty, sweet, and it's popular for sushi. Suitable for both stew and grill, and the offals can be used for thin soup.

KASTUO – First Bonito

First Bonitos will be brought in mid-March. Every springtime, the Bonito comes in the black tide from the Philippine sea passing by Japan.  The Bonito caught this time is called "Hatsu Katsuo."

MEDAI – Lined Bluenose

It is the Bluenose heyday season at Tsushima bay. Its fatty flesh melts in your mouth.

Renkodai – Yellowback Bream

The popular season of seabream is March to April. Although Kasugo is popular, Renkodai can be competitive for its soft, and delicious flesh. The ones caught at Suruga Bay area have a bright orange color.

TAI-SHIRAKO – Red Sea ream milt

Red bream milt season has arrived. During the time of Hina Matsuri, red bream starts to spawn. 500g per pack.

TAI-MAKO – Red sea bream roe

Roe only collected from ikijime red bream, freshness at its best. Flesh 500g/pk.

BOIL SHAKO – Boiled Mantis crab

Shako's delicious season is arriving and the 25pc and 16pc sizes are available.

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