Toyosu Fish Market

October 2020

BURI – Japanese Yellowtail 

The Buri announce the coming season. They’re not as fatty as the winter Buri, but they have an elegant taste and a firm body. 

SAWARA - Spanish Mackerel

This is the season for Obako Sawara. The ikijime method is used on the ship when sawara are caught, so they stay fresh. They are fatty and great for sashimi and grazing.

KAWAHAGI - Filefish

Filefish has started. The guts are getting fatty, and they are delicious.

SANMMA – Pacific Saury 

Autumn is the season for Saury. The Saury is fatty and tasty. It’s recommended for sashimi, salmon, and grilled style. 

AMADAI - Horsehead Tilefish

The skin has umami, and when grilled, they emit a sweet scent. Delicious. Salt removes the extra water from the meat and enhances the umami. 

MEHIKARI – Bigeyed Greeneye 

The fat is packed inside the small body. They’re usually for a tempura menu. Fresh, it can be eaten as sashimi. 

KOMOCHI AYU - Sweetfish with Roe 

Ayu in the Autumn season has roe . They add a nice texture. Autumn ayu have a unique scent and differs from Summer ayu. 

AKAYAGARA – Smooth Flutemouth 

The skin and bones are great for a broth. It is a fish for making stew or soup. They have an elegant sweet flavor and are delicious.

TENNEN MADAI - Wild Red Seabream

Caught year-round, wild read seabream are best in the Fall. The beautiful white flesh is firm and packed with umami flavor. 

JIKINMEDAI – Splendid Alfonsino 

The Alfosino’s peak season is coming. They’ll be fatty and have great texture. They’re great for any cooking method. 

AKI-SAKE – Autumn Salmon 

This season, salmon has a well-balanced fat to body ratio compared to summer salmon. They contain milt or row. 

IWASHI - Sardine

The fat is packed between the skin and body. Sardines are all-purpose fish used for many dishes. 

WATARIGANI – Gazami Crab 

This season's gazami crab is packed with meat. The crab’s umami is packed inside and is exquisite. 

HIRASUZUKI – Blackfin Seabass 

Blackfin seabass have beautiful white flesh. The umami flavor inside is enjoyable. Great for sashimi and can be used for many recipes. 

KUROMUTSU- Lined Japanese Bluefish 

This season's bluefish has excellent fat. The fat has a sweet taste. It’s great for sashimi, but recommended for stew. 

HAKKAKU – Sailfin

Sailfin have a beautiful white flesh that is sweet and fatty. Very delicious eaten as sashimi. 


This is a bonito that’s accumulated fat for spawning season. They’ll have better fat and texture than the first season bonito. It’s sweet and perfect for sushi and sashimi. 

HAGATSUO – Striped bonito 

It’s the best season for striped bonito. They have a perfect fat content and firm body. We ship the fish to you fresh. 

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SANMMA – Pacific saury