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Toyosu Fish Market

May 2021

HAMO - Pike Conger Eel

The fishing season for the Pike Conger starts in Mid-April. The fatty flesh and great texture of this eel make it a great alternative to the usual conger eel.

AYU - Farmed Sweetfish

This fish is known for having the scent of an incense stick. When it is cooked, it untangles inside your mouth as you eat. It is only available this limited season, it is worth trying it out.

KOCHI - Flathead

High-quality ikijime flathead is available at Toyosu. If you prefer a less costly flathead, we can prepare it from the box.

SHIMAAJI - Striped Horse Mackerel

Striped Horse Mackerel are costly when compared to the ones that are raised on the farm. The wild horse mackerel has more fatty flesh and great texture. You might want to consider a little trial upgrade just for this season.

ISAKI - Lined Grount

The Lined Grount has a very delicious taste like the red seabream. During this season, the flesh of fish contains fat from the head to the body, as well as its fin. This quality cannot be seen or experienced in the winter season.

MAKOGAREI - Marbled Flounder

The shipment has started. Since it is ikijime, the freshness is guaranteed. This fish perfect for sashimi and grill. The flesh is firm and will not crumble under any selected cooking method.

MATSUKAWAGAREI - Barfin Flounder 

The liver and rim parts are also delicious to eat. If marble flounder is too expensive, then the Barfin Flounder is a good alternative.

TACHIUO - Beltfish

Chiba Bay line-caught beltfish is exquisite this season. They are very fatty and it is good for making numerous recipes.

SUZUKI - Japanese Seaperch

This fish is carefully selected and brought in from Shizuoka. The ikijime sea perch is great for making any delicacy!

AKAYAGARA - Cornet Fish

Sashimi is also good for white-flesh fish like this one, but a grilled recipe is best recommended for this fish.

TAKABE - Yellow Striped Butterfish

The arrival of Yellow Striped Butterfish just began and they are already fatty and very tasty. They are excellent for grill or cooked-style recipes.

AJI - Lined Horse Mackerel 

We prepare lined horse mackerel using many sources, however, Hyogo is simply the best-recommended recipe for this fish. In this season, it has the right fat content which makes it very tasty.

KAMASU - Japanese Barracuda

The time is now! It's the best season for Japanese barracudas because of their great fat contents. The lined ones are to start this great season.

KATSUO - Bonito

This season continues for the bonito and they are at the peak of the season. The flesh has a crisp clean red color and has a clean after taste. Please try Tataki dish with this fish and feel the difference.

SAGOSHI - Japanese Spanish Mackerel

On a daily basis, the Spanish Mackerel gets better during this season. The flesh contains the right balance of fat and a clean after taste which is great for sashimi.

INADA - Young Yellowtail

The younger ones have clean fatty after taste when compared to the older ones. The sweet fat flavor fills your mouth the more you chew. This fish suits any recipe such as sashimi, sushi, grilled, and stewed recipe.

KANPACHI - Wild Amberjack

The size of this fish is usually 2Kg, but they are fatty and great for making sashimi/sushi! The amberjack from Kagoshima is especially delicious.

AWABI - Abalone

The farm abalone are brought alive from Australia. They have soft flesh which makes great sashimi as well as grill dish. We also prepare Taiwan Chiba.

SAZAE- Turban Shellfish

The turban shellfish is in season now. It is good for making a variety of dishes but eating it whole when grilled is the best!

SHIRO-IKA - Swordtip Squid

This squid season will commence during summer. The thick flesh contains great umami flavor, every single chew seeps the sweet flavor out from the squid.

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