Toyosu Fish Market

November 2020

OBAKO SAWARA - Spanish Mackerel

It’s the Obako Sawara which is recommended by fishermen with confidence. Ikijime on the boat. Only selected fish, based on factors such as the quality of the fat and the firmness of the meat, will be given the brand name OBAKO SAWARA. Available only at this time of season.


In spring, the Hatsu Bonito - and in the fall, the returning Bonito from the south - gets fatty and the taste is increased. It is good for sashimi and delicious tataki with condiments.

AKAYAGARA - Red Cornetfish

The season for Yagara has started. Sashimi enhances the umami flavor in the fat and the flesh is very beautiful. The excess parts like the head and skin can be used for delicious broth dishes.


The Cod Milt season has started. The color of the meat has whitened at this time, meaning that they have no bitterness and are very creamy. Great for soup dishes.


The fluke before spawning season is moderately fat and delicious. The clear white meat and the fatty underside/backside is suitable for sashimi sushi. The head and liver can be used to great soups and broths as well.

SAMEKAREI - Roughscale Sole

Very fatty and the sweet flesh is delicious. As its name suggests, it has a rough skin like a shark and has a very sticky mucus on the skin surface.

MATUKAWAKAREI - Barfin Flounder

Ikijime Barfin has great freshness. They have great flavor throughout the delicious body. The beautiful clear white body is great for decorative dishes.

BURI - Wild Japanese Yellowtail

The fat stored from the cold water has created a delicious fatty body. The firm texture of the flesh is very exquisite. Great for sashimi, sushi and shabu-shabu.

KAWAHAGI - Filefish

The farmed kawahagi has great gut content and this makes it great for delicious soup dishes. The umami seeps out as more you chew.


Taste of Hokkaido. The shishamo. There is a unique taste of the shishamo, making it perfect for sashimi and grilled dishes.

SAYORI - Halfbeak

Halfbeak has started but they are still coming in low. Their numbers will stabilize soon. The clear white flesh has great umami and is perfect for sushi.

SEIKOGANI - Queen Crab

Their season ban lifts in November. The female Queen crab has eggs which are very tasty and have an equisite texture to enjoy. They are packed with umami which is great for grilled and soup dishes. They can only be enjoyed during these two months. Sold by pieces.

AORI-IKA - Bigfin Reef Squid

The season is starting. They are still small but are packed with strong umami flavor and the essence seeps out the more you chew.

SUMI-IKA - Cuttlefish

The well grown cuttlefish has thick flesh and is very sweet. Their nutritional value is also high, so it is recommended for health benefits as well. 

KANPACHI - Amberjack

The season is from mid-November to the beginning of February. The fillets look clean and beautiful. It is firm and tastes sweet when chewed. Highly recommended for sushi.

ISHIDAI - Striped Beakfish

Ishidai has great umami which can be compared to Red Seabream. The fat has seeped inside the body and you can taste the distinctive fish umami as well.

WAKASAGI - Japanese Smelt

The season for Japanese Smelt has started. The soft body can be whole fried/tempura. It has  a unique sweetness and the soft/flaky texture is delicious.

KUE - Longtooth Grouper

The winter-representing fish. The fatty white flesh is suitable for hot pot and fried dishes. When heated, the skin becomes gelatinous and you can enjoy a unique delicious texture.

KINKI - Kichiji Rockfish

This fish is characterized by its bright red eye. It is fibrous and easy to prepare for dishes, and there is a lot of fat from skin. Cooked recipes are highly recommended.

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