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Toyosu Fish Market

September 2022

AKI-SAKE – Autumn chum salmon

The season for autumn salmon is starting. It has a good balance of meat and fat. It is suitable for grilled fish and soup. Please give it a try.

SAWARA – Spanish mackerel

The season for autumn salmon is starting. It has a good balance of meat and fat. It is suitable for grilled fish and soup. Please give it a try.

KAWAHAGI - Filefish

We have started to receive filefish. Both wild caught and farmed fish can be shipped.

MASABA – Mackerel

This fish can be caught all year round, but as you may know, autumn is the season when this fish becomes more and more delicious. It’s delicious with a good amount of fat. It is recommended both grilled and raw.

AMADAI – Japanese tilefish

As you may know, the name “amadai” comes from its sweet meat. As the fish grows, the sweetness of the meat increases and becomes more delicious. It is recommended as sashimi, but when scorched, the sweet smell of the skin makes it more delicious.

MANAGASTUO – Harvestfish

This fish is a high-class fish from western Japan. The meat does not turn tough when it is heated, so grilling it is recommended.

SUJIKO - Salmon roe

The skin of sujiko (immature salmon roe still in its ovarian membrane) is softer than that of ikura (salmon roe unraveled into individual roe), and its unique texture is superb. It matches perfectly with white rice. You can only get sujiko in the fall, so we are looking forward to your order.

UMEIRO - Yellowtail blue snapper

It is the peak for harvestfish.

It has the right amount of texture and fat. We recommend it for sushi or sashimi.

TENNEN MADAI – Red seabream (Wild)

Red sea bream is a representative of fall seasonal fish. During this season, the beautiful white meat begins to get fatty, which makes it perfect for sushi and sashimi. The meat is tender and delicious, and the taste of the fish remains strong when it is cooked. Please give it a try.

KINKI – Kichiji rockfish

This fish is a high-class fish that is popular in eastern Japan. The fat is very rich even on the skin. Of course, it can be enjoyed simmered in a soy broth, but it can also be enjoyed as sashimi when the skin is parboiled. The gelatin between the skin and meat is very soft and delicious.

TENNEN HIRAME – Fluke (Wild)

The price is higher, but it is perfect for sushi and sashimi when it has undergone the "ikejime" treatment to keep it fresh. Its white flesh is perfect for “kobujime” which doubles the umami of its white meat by sandwiching fish meat between sheets of kelp.

OCHI-AYU – Sweetfish

“Ochi-Ayu” season is starting. It has more fat than summer sweetfish, and its meat is more moist and delicious. Please order soon because the end of the season will come quickly.

TENJYOU BURI – Wild Yellowtail

The shipment of this fish nationwide signals the arrival of fall. It is unique for its elegant fatty meat that is less fatty than winter season yellowtail and its meat is firm.

ITOYORi – Golden threadfin-bream

The color of this fish is beautiful and adds color to your dishes. Its white meat with high water content does not harden even when it is heated, which makes it suitable for sashimi, grilled fish, and simmered fish.

EZO AWABI - Ezo Abalone

It’s shipped live from Toyosu. The taste of the meat itself is strong and the texture is firm and delicious. It’s recommended as sashimi or steak.

HANASAKIGANI – Hanasaki Crab

Since July, Hanasaki crab season has begun. We boil the crab for you directly from our supplier when we get the order.

Boiled Hanasaki crab is packed with flavor. Please give it a try.

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