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Order & Delivery Information

Please e-mail : for any questions.

Order Requirements

All sales orders submitted are subject to standard OP Terms and Conditions.

Credit Application

To start the credit review process, a signed credit application must be submitted to OP for review and approval. Each customer is required to have a signed & approved credit application before shipments may begin.

Payment Guidelines

Customers who fail to pay within OP terms, will be asked to wire payment in advance for their orders or pay C.O.D.. Customers who are unable to meet credit approval, or who are placing rush orders that don’t allow ample time to research credit, will be also given the option to wire the funds in advance or pay C.O.D..

Minimum Order

Each OP branch has different minimum order amount, please check with our local OP associate. Multiple orders of the same delivery date and location will count towards this amount. If your order does not fulfill the requirement, you will either be asked to increase your order quantity, or delay placing your order until you can meet the minimum.

Pricing of Orders

Our pricing is effective based on the order shipment date. Price varies by OP branch.

Placing Your Order

OP accepts orders by Phone, E-mail, Text or Fax. All orders must contain the following information:

Ship to” address.

Requested delivery or pick-up date.

Product description.

Quantity ordered.

Any special instructions.

Required Lead Time for Orders

To allow the standard lead time and ensure timely delivery, please be sure to place your order prior to the shipment date based on the shipping schedule in your area. Please contact OP Customer Service for your specific ordering and shipping schedule for domestic products and imported items from Japan.

Back Orders

Every effort is made to fulfill 100 percent of each quantity requested. In case the full amount of product is not available to be shipped on a customer order, our Customer Service will contact the customer to notify of any shortages. Because a customer’s needs may change by the time additional product becomes available, OP does not do automatic back orders.

Late Orders or Order Changes

Again, we request that you allow the standard lead time for your orders to ensure your product is delivered to you as you need it, when you need it. However, if this is not possible due to circumstances beyond your control and you must place a late order or order change, we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you. If we are unable to secure transportation for the originally requested delivery date, we will work to accommodate the first available delivery for which we can secure transportation.

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