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Our History

In 1980, OP founder Takeshi Yashiro, together with his partners, ventured onto the streets of Chicago to sell fish to Japanese restaurants. With little cognizance of their long-term impact, they paved the way for fish imports from Japan to sushi restaurants as we know it today. Since then, Mr. Yashiro and his team have established several companies throughout the US and Canada, including several sushi restaurants. In 2011, Mr. Yashiro with added partners and opportunity was inspired to embark on a new endeavor, and Ocean Providence was born.


Mr. Yashiro eventually passed away in 2018, but before his departure, he named his long time partners Jack Sato and Terry Hasegawa CEO and COO, respectively. For almost 40 years, the indomitable spirit of providing top quality seafood and serving the public has been at the core of OP’s values. Today, this passion is stronger than ever.

Core Values

Our vision is to be a respected leader in the seafood industry while contributing to sustainable solutions for world hunger. We have a strong mission to create profitable revenue growth together with customers through knowledgeable and motivated employees providing quality and innovative food products and services.



Be observant, innovative and proactive



Be honest, responsible and accountable.



Be trainable, cooperative and serving.



Be persevering, focused and tenacious

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