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Bluefin Tuna

A Worldwide Network

Our worldwide connections will provide you with the best available tuna every season, year ​after year. Only premium tuna will be supplied to your business.

bluefin tuna

Best Quality Each Season

Bluefin tuna is a species that is subject to sustainability concerns. We have several sources, from wild caught to 100% farm-raised tuna, and are committed to maintaining our standards of quality season after season.


Available varieties of tuna from our

worldwide network

bluefin tuna

Boston Wild Bluefin Tuna

Considered the best quality tuna in the world, it is seasonally available from August to November.

bluefin tuna

Farm-Raised Bluefin Tuna from Spain

Farm-raised bluefin tuna is affordable and provides consistent shipments all year round.

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Bluefin Tuna (100% Farm-raised) from Japan

This Bluefin tuna is a specially cultivated 3rd generation farm-raised tuna. It is 100% sustainable – ideal for customers who are concerned about ecology.

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