Toyosu Fish Market

December 2020

BURI - Wild Japanese Yellowtail

It's the season for delicious Buri (Yellowtail). Coming in buffeted by the cold current means that they are packed with fat. Sushi, sashimi, salt grilled, and shabu-shabu - anything is perfect.


Another seasonal flavor. The creamy and thick texture is a rarity. The usual vinegar and tempura style have become a great appetizer in recent years. We await your orders.

SAYORI - Halfbeak

This year's halfbeak. The shipment quality is great from the start of the season. If a larger size is preferred, please order by the name of 'Kannuki'.

SAWARA - Spanish Mackerel

The Sawara this season has an exceptionally fatty body. The size is large, and the body has great firmness. It can be used for any type of dish.

MA SABA - Mackerel

Mackerel is very fatty at this time of year. It is great for appetizers, and pressed sushi is recommended.

KAWAHAGI - Leatherfish

We are getting great Leatherfish this season. We can ship large fish , So,use them for sashimi with liver soy sauce or nigiri – either is great.

WAKASAGI - Japanese Smelt

The winter season flavor smelt. Great for grill or tempura dishes. Why not add them as appetizers or Kaiseki cuisine?

TARA - Cod (Male)

It’s the winter cod. The light white flesh has a lean taste which is perfect for pot dishes. The male has milt which tastes great.

ITOYORI - Thread-Bream

For sashimi, leaving on the skin can add extra color to the dish. It’s a great fish for poêle, steamed in wine, and broth soup. Great recommendation for western dishes and hotels.

SUZUKI - Japanese Seabass

The usual season is in summer, but Eastern sea's winter seabass is great; they are fatty, and their meat is moist and has a great texture. Great for sashimi and sushi. We highly recommend this local market produce.

KURODAI - Black Porgy

They have great umami and texture, and so they are great for sashimi, carpaccio, and other various dishes.


This season's bluefish has plenty of fat inside the body and you can taste the sweetness as well. Good not only for sashimi but also graze it for a delicious sushi.

SUMI-IKA - Cuttlefish

As products from Chita Toyohama, Aichi Prefecture are characterized by their freshness, thick, firm meat and great umami. The taste of squid ink is rich, so it is popular among local Italian restaurants. Please try it out!

SEIKOGANI - Queen Crab

This is a female snow crab. Although the crab itself is small, it has nice eggs, so you can enjoy the rich taste of crab. How about adding it to this year's seasonal menu as an appetizer?

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