Customer Testimonial

"Sourcing quality fish in the US that is comparable to Japan is a never-ending challenge, but with OP, we find security in their service, and results in customer satisfaction." 
Chef Kuni Yoshizawa


A sleek Japanese restaurant chain from Japan that has chosen the Murray Hill neighborhood in Manhattan to house its first location in the USA.


Open: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Address: 327 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016

Phone: 212 447-1212


It is part of Tokyo Ichiban Foods, a company that has 50 restaurants in Japan. After it's opening in October of 2017, it has received a good reputation for serving the freshest seafood from Japan for moderate price. restaurant critic, Pete Wells from the New York times states, "... it's Japanese seafood without the painful price tag."

In a conversation with their head chef, Mr. Yoshizawa expressed that his customers are very pleased with their sushi and sashimi. In addition to it's own in-house imports of bluefin tuna and king yellowtail, Wokuni's other seafood needs are supplied by OP. The establishment algo provides a special retail convenience to its customers, where they can purchase their own fresh delicacies to prepare at home.

Chef Kuni Yoshizawa

Corporate Headquarters:


1050 E. Flamingo RD, #E-229

Las Vegas, NV 89119

(973) 249-9300


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